Office and Client Care
Misty Chapman, Practice Manager
Robert Chapman, Accounts Manager
Amber Crowe, LVT, Accounts Receivable
Cindy Harmon, Receptionist
Rhiana Kerns, Receptionist
Lisa McKee, Accounts Payable
Tonya Taylor, Receptionist

Alexandra Harper

Michael Wagoner
Austin Williams
Paul Williams


Felicia Deters
Megan Jump
Renee Hensley, MS, LVT
Shelly Simpson, ASCP
Courtnie Smith
Tabitha Stevens
Debra Washington, MLT
Shalon Whitaker, Lab Manager

Kim DeGiovanni, Versailles

Ambulatory Technicians
Melissa Hall
Fernando Hernandez
Chris Tipton


Hospital Technicians
Brandy Asbury
Troy Ashwood
Holly Baklarz
Darci Brown
Arizona Copher
Mary Cornell, LVT
Carly Flamm
Bobby Jones
Crystal Jordan
Troi Keith
Jackie Lafountain
Joy Leonard
Josie Paez
Shannon Price
Mikhail Proctor
Brad Sandy
Steve Sandy
Alejandro Valdivieso



The technicians and staff at Park Equine Hospital are committed to providing the best quality of patient care and service. Our technicians are well trained and qualified to make sure that your horse will receive superior attention and the optimal medical care it deserves.


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